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Name: Loreen O'Donnell

Title: Safe Passage

Medium: Mixed

“Safe Passage”
Six layers of acrylics, inks, mica and resin on 60x41 cm wooden board

In September 2020, hundreds of pilot whales beached themselves in Macquarie harbour off the west coast of Tasmania. Not only is this a tragedy but also a triumph to those that saved as many as possible. It gives me faith in humanity that so many people are compelled to try and save these beautiful animals.
The news of today is difficult to watch. I find myself switching between skipping the news or stumbling through it. I can’t watch animals in distress and switch off and try and think of something else. Often, I see these images and dream of much better outcomes.
“Safe Passage” is a piece I decided to do which shows two humpback whales skimming the Western Australian south coast beyond the surf. They are healthy, happy and have clean clear safe passage to deep water.


Not fit for display

Name: Richard Aitken

Title: The Ore

Medium: mixed

The story of this piece –
From the ground, I am mined, crushed and shipped to foreign lands. In the factories I am refined and shaped by industrial means. Re-branded as consumable, I’m transported again and I work hard to provide my custodians an easier life. Ultimately I breakdown, am discarded and it appears to be the end.
But I’m discovered by an inventive visionary, before nature’s patina can complete my cycle and return my soul to the earth. He re-configures my being, turns me creatively into a piece to be displayed for all to see. I hang proudly and bold.


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Name: Linda Fardoe

Title: Running With The Wolves

Medium: Giclee on Canson paper

“Running With The Wolves” is a work inspired by my 2019 Donnelly River Village forest A.I.R. in Southern WA and some Tasmanian holiday photos a friend sent to me.
On one occasion when I went walking and sketching in the Karri forest, I lost my way. The magical quietness and sense of peace dramatically changed when the sun faded along with any sense of direction. Alone in the forest with no phone or notion of where I was provoked panic and thoughts of folk tales and the Brothers Grimm. This state of mind stayed with me.
I had hoped to travel to Tasmania in 2020 but travel restrictions led me to travel vicariously in the form of drawing from the photographs of my friend’s Tasmanian rain forests travels. My lost in the forest experience and her images became entwined in my mind.
I created two archival ink drawings, each 150cm x 30cm. One entitled “Mindscape” the other “Vicarious Journey”. From these works I selected sections and digitally manipulated them adding the wolves to create the Giclee “Running With The Wolves”.


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Name: Irene Perry

Title: Circle of Life

Medium: Watercolour, gouache, pen and ink

Circle of Life
As dusk settles over the land, the diurnal birds fly to their night time roost while nocturnal birds emerge to hunt.
In this never ending daily circle, do the birds see the trees as branches - suitable landing for and hunting?


Old Courthouse Gallery

Name: Anastasija Komarnyckyj

Title: Beyond

Medium: Oil on birchwood

In the midst of a global pandemic and uncertain times emotional vulnerability prevails. Climate change and the plight of refugees in many war torn countries expand the fragile nature of our vision of future.

Although managing extremely well initially, I noted elements of the collective environmental and emotional landscape seep into my work; fragility, brokenness and searching posed unanswerable questions. A sense of future has become more complex to imagine.

As a result I am reminded of the gift of each new day. Each day I wake with an opportunity to be the best version of who I am. Some days I am presented with a spectrum of opportunities to be mindful and present to others. Other days I work alone and, am filled with gratitude for the opportunity to explore and engage with ideas: manifestations of how I see the world, albeit a meager glimpse.

Difficult times are often restorative and can be followed by opportunities for new beginnings. Beauty is ever-present in the ordinary if we dare to look. We each have a capacity to enlarge and enhance the vision of our future world; see and engage, offer the uniqueness of who you are.


Old Courthouse Gallery

Name: Lena-ANKI Wickison


Medium: watercolour

The Australian Cockatoo inspires me as an artist to capture there unique appearance.


Old Courthouse Gallery

Name: Andrea Gadd

Title: Singing In The Rain

Medium: Acrylic

This artwork was inspired by my love of dance and the use of colour in art. This painting is called “Singing in the Rain” after the famous tap song & dance routine and could be described by the famous quote from William Shakespeare’s poem, “All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances”.
The tap shoes abandoned! Is this someone’s final exit or are they merely waiting in the wings to try again? Does the umbrella on the door step mean they have just stepped inside until the rain stops?
Clean and fresh, the rain washed street reflects the warm lights from the windows and street lamp, representing a new outlook on life and a happier future.
Everyone experiences rainy times in their lives but it is not for ever. Sing in the rain and the world will be a brighter place for you and every one else!


Not fit for display

Name: Laurie Posa

Title: My Corona

Medium: Oil on board

The viewers are in the drivers seat trying to flatten the curve as we travel the Corona highway shaped like a scythe cutting through the community. The landscape is filled with isolation motels, 5G towers (for the conspiracy theorists), graffiti calling for truth and testing...all providing a backdrop to the clinical public signage as cruise ships dot the horizon with an unmasked Hitchcock like figure adding to the atmosphere.

This Pandemic will like those before be overcome by continuously building a strong sense of community, however the mortar used must consist of truth and communication not conspiracy or selfishness.

Community must become the new paradigm, so let’s all play ball with the black dog and never let toilet paper become a form of currency!


Old Courthouse Gallery

Name: Sioux Tempestt

Title: Everyhere All at Once

Medium: Acrylic, aerosol and graphite on canvas

Sioux Tempestt is a Mount Lawley artist with a graphic design background. In addition to studio-based works, her practice employs a multi-disciplinary approach, generating mural, public, sculptural and digital art which meaningfully contributes to its context.
Sioux intuitively fuses colour and form to investigate the integration of abstract expressionism within different realms. She seeks to conceptually express dynamism and movement through painterly interpretations. The marks of paint and other medium recording the kinetic energy of paint as it is transferred from body to surface. Sioux’s interest in urban art is evidenced by the incorporation of aerosol in her work.



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Name: Laura Griffith

Title: The Memory

Medium: Graphite, oil and acrylic on canvas

My art practice typically explores themes of female identity through figurative work. My current work “The Memory” was made in reflection upon returning home from a fifteen month caravan journey around Australia with my husband and young daughter. I am interested in the calming and healing responses within people when we connect with, and completely immerse ourselves in the natural world.

The mediums and composition chosen for this artwork were intended to invoke the aesthetic of fragmented memory, of a time passed.

“She is in the wind, in the grains of red dirt under her bare feet, she is quiet, listening, gently swaying with the leaves on the trees. She is in the softly dimming last rays of sunlight, she is bird song, she is a warm fire flickering under a sky of a million stars. In this moment, in this place, she is connected to all that is around her.”


Old Courthouse Gallery
ArtworkDetailsSelection 2Judging 2