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Name: Clare McCarthy

Title: New World Emerging (Post Covid 19)

Medium: acrylics on linen

Renewed optimism for our planet, fresh Spring like energy, bursts out in greens and yellows as a new planet emerges. We move from dark to light, old to new in a burst of dynamic energy.
My art is often a response to my local environment and current circumstances. The colours and organic quality of the brush work reflect this. As we enter a new era post Covid 19 we are starting to realise that in a sense the whole planet is “local”. We are all interconnected and need to see the whole planet as our home.
I’m also interested in images of space exploration and how our perspective of earth continues to evolve as we explore the universe around us. This exploration helps us deepen our understanding and appreciation of nature here on earth.
During 2020 there have been many examples of cooperation and connection between people. This optimistic painting looks forward to a time when we see the whole planet as our home and as such take care to protect it and each other.


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Name: Sheila-Elizabeth Bentley

Title: The Breakaways

Medium: Ink and Alcohol

"the Breakaways" is inspired by my four wheel driving experiences in the Goldfields region of Western Australia. The colours depict the landscape west of Kalgoorlie and represent the rocks, gold, salt pans and brilliant blue skies in this region. Sparse vegetation is also represented. This work is a coloured ink and alcohol representation of this landscape using a brush to work the inks and diluted with the alcohol medium to enhance light.


Old Courthouse Gallery

Name: Jaky Pinnock

Title: More like a Fish

Medium: Mosaic Fused glass, Italian & art glass, with rendered background

Some fresh water fish have the ability to remain still in a fast moving stream. Stillness in our lives is becoming a rare commodity. Many of us start our day with a dopamine hit from our social media page (how many likes did I get), or an adrenaline surge from checking our emails. We should be 'more like a fish', finding the inner stillness in this fast stream of information. I have found that the tranquility of nature is a great reminder of what really matters in life.


Old Courthouse Gallery

Name: Mark Luke

Title: Iron Earth

Medium: Acyrlic on linen

Iron Earth

This painting depicts the landscape of Australia's Northwest. It's harsh climate and sparse vegetation, remind us, that it has taken centuries to evolve into what we see today. It is an arid, desolate, and seemingly never ending expanse of land. Yet despite this, it continues to adapt and survive, and provide a sense of belonging and security that it will always be there.


Old Courthouse Gallery

Name: Lee-Anne Townrow

Title: Tide Lines

Medium: Mixed Media Textile

This artwork depicts the shifting sands of the shoreline as it ebbs and flows under the watchful gaze of Mother Nature. The powerful and enduring elements guiding the wind, waves and earth in a graceful dance as they caress the contours of the land. Consistently reassuring, yet fiercely unpredictable.


Old Courthouse Gallery

Name: Gemma Mangano

Title: Cor Contritum

Medium: Graphite and acrylic on board - triptych

Artwork Statement – Cor Contritum
Love, loss, innocence, beauty and hope.
The pain felt at moments of loss can be heart-breaking, but there can be beauty and tenderness in vulnerable moments. This piece is a remembrance that in dark times, where a personal experience of loss causes our hearts to ache, the object of our grief may be beginning their ascension.


Old Courthouse Gallery

Name: Eva Fernandez

Title: Nina robada

Medium: Giclee print on Ilford Galerie Smooth Pearl 310gsm mounted on aluminium

Niña robada is Spanish for 'stolen child'. New Norcia in WA was founded as a mission by Spanish Benedictine monks, led by Rosendo Salvado in 1847 to ‘christianise’ and ‘civilise’ local Aboriginal people. Salvado was seen as a sympathiser compared to the authorities that controlled Indigenous people. His progressive thinking and mostly compassionate ways were undermined after his death in 1900, as government intervention was to break down, segregate and institutionalise Aboriginal people. The mission became an orphanage to generations of Aboriginal children, forcibly removed from their families by the State government who assumed total control of their lives. These stolen generations of children suffered severe hardships and were subjected to cruel punishment, abuse, starvation and general lack of care and compassion.

This image presents a young Aboriginal girl in European dress with her head shaved, one of the punishments for escaping from the mission. Although she has endured the harsh punishments and attempts of assimilation, she stares back stoically. She is a symbol of Aboriginal survival, resistance and revival.


Art Award FinalistHigh commendations

Name: Lee Hamlyn

Title: Life Collides With Universe

Medium: Oil Pastel on canvas

“Life Collides With Universe”
Places of dark have encroached on the light. This piece is about the people struggling with personal tragedy in a year which just made it harder. Individuals trapped inside looking out without the support of friends and community.
Surface issues can be seen and cared for but deeper problems multiply.
I deliberately chose an unfamiliar and therefore personally awkward medium for this work. I had to fight the medium to get where I wanted to go and the work has that struggle embedded in it.


Old Courthouse Gallery

Name: Rebecca Corps

Title: Still burning

Medium: Objects and natural materials found at a torched house used to dye cotton and heritage lace.

Fire within
fire without
where do I begin?
free from doubt
There are others
come what may
behind closed shutters
they will stay
Outside rages
inside roars
within without
adjoining doors


Old Courthouse Gallery

Name: Alison Brown

Title: Geographe Bay Series 2020

Medium: Ceramic

My work references the ocean and its varying environment. Some of the work is the macro gaze – for example the “Sunrise” and “Sunset” series – which is as I see it as I walk along the beach. The other works are from a micro aspect, where I’ zoom in’ to the finer details around me. Being a beachcomber, I collect fragments of the detritus and degraded shells along the tideline which are then used to impress images onto a trailed clay surface. The low profile plate forms offer a particularly good form for this approach as do the tall elliptical vessels and Dome forms. Each tell a story of imagined fossil and skeletal like forms.
These works are each completely spontaneous in their expression and therefore are totally unique, taking many hours each to create and assemble. A new series developed recently, are objects I have collected and slip cast. Things like ceramic forms, rocks, seed pods and found material that are assembled and presented as sculptures . The idea is to appreciate these pieces in an altered concept from their original context.


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