Magistrates Room

Built in 1861 by Henry Yelverton following a request from the resident magistrate of the time, Joseph strelly Harris. It was also used as the post office from 1861 when John Herring, who ran the post office from his home on the corner of Adelaide and Queen street, retired - until 1873 when a purpose built post office was created. Originally the magistrates room was only half its current size. It had a large window looking out to sea prior to the 1897 courtoom extension. Records show that in 1861 approval was given for the following items to be purchased for this room: one table, six mahogany chairs, one wash stand, one water can, one bucket, one broom, one set of book shelves. A clock was later requested by the magistrate for the room so that the postman didn't leave early. Records show a letter stating the postman was chased down the road on horseback (if he left early) It also allowed accurate observation of time for the 10PM curfew.