Digital Image of artwork.
NameMegan Shaw
Artwork TitleRappel
Mediummixed media (found objects and materials)
Artwork statement

I enjoy finding beauty and interest in discarded materials. This piece is made from what I believe are confectionery canisters, metal, wood and a beautiful blue rope. The piece involves a lot of balance. The colours, yellow and red are balanced in opposition of linear orientation and the piece is physically balanced horizontally by its own independent tension on the wall with the rope. I think about the perplexing conditions which have occurred in order for this piece to exist. The invention of toys inside of chocolate, a market based on impulsive spending, ideas of compulsion and collection, jingles, whinging at the checkout and the victorious frenzied ripping of coloured foil in the carpark, nothing memorable. Abseiling down the wall, balancing in between sense and nonsense.

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