Rich Rubble - Burnished Clay

Sue Helmot

Oil on canvas

Kennedy Range during springtime - a vast dry claypan - a symphony of colour – a generational story. Midmorning light intensifies the colours into a beautiful rich glow. The clay appears almost burnished with a satin sheen. The escarpment towers powerfully above the claypan like a protective Grandparent, its sandstone sedimentary beds intricately etched by millions of years of weathering, a wealth of history and spirituality emanating from within. ‘Rich Rubble - Burnished Clay’, with its rich harmonious colours, rough texture and my raw painting application all reflect my emotional response to this landscape. Thick paint layered on to then be scraped back to reveal the rawness and variety of colours within the escarpment. Scraping and exposing paint like the wind and rain, breaking away the surface to become the rubble, the second generation, the parent. Thinning the paint to wash down to form the claypan, the third generation, the child – me. Immersed in the ancient power and beauty of the landscape entwined with my own intimate story, I feel deeply moved to paint and share this ancient, majestic scene.