Sitting Pretty

Mia Laing

oil on canvas

My imaginative realism paintings have affiliation with illustration, narrative art, conceptualism, symbolism, surrealism and traditional art. This genre is finding strength in today's competitive and collectable art market. I started this painting with the suitcases, imagining the scene and working intuitively, adding elements to form a narrative, that depending on the viewers lived experience, will read differently for each viewer. Maybe the viewer will focus on the storm, its imminent approach or feeling that it has already passed? Does the viewer feel that all is lost or that the luggage is now creating a perfect waiting place? This painting is filled with symbolism; the compass, nautilus, book and butterfly have been used across generations to bring hope, guidance and strength during difficult times. I also enjoy humour and a play on words and often use idioms and cliches to title my paintings, playing with both the literal and figurative, hence the title, 'Sitting Pretty'. This is the 4th painting in my travel series.