Bathers Beach


Mixed medium on canvas

Working flat on the table, with an energetic brush stroke or texta in hand, Mandy White’s artworks are gestural and sensitive. The viewpoints change and shift and whether it is painting, drawing or sculpture, the lines between boundaries, are always fluid and porous, like energy is shared between place and figure. Mandy is fascinated with animals. Her love of nature and the creatures within it is apparent in her work, as is the protection of it and the stories told to her. Born in 1978, Amanda (Mandy) White is an Aboriginal artist of Yamatji heritage. She was born and raised in Guildford, Western Australia, and continues to live in the Perth area. Mandy’s art career began in her early thirties when she started her studio work at DADAA. ‘Bathers Beach’ was painted recently in one of her current studio spaces, overlooking the beach in Fremantle. ‘Bathers Beach’ captures Mandy’s signature style, her boundless energy, as seen in her lively mark marking, use of vibrant colours and playfulness with figurative imagery.