Safe Passage

Loreen O'Donnell


“Safe Passage” Six layers of acrylics, inks, mica and resin on 60x41 cm wooden board In September 2020, hundreds of pilot whales beached themselves in Macquarie harbour off the west coast of Tasmania. Not only is this a tragedy but also a triumph to those that saved as many as possible. It gives me faith in humanity that so many people are compelled to try and save these beautiful animals. The news of today is difficult to watch. I find myself switching between skipping the news or stumbling through it. I can’t watch animals in distress and switch off and try and think of something else. Often, I see these images and dream of much better outcomes. “Safe Passage” is a piece I decided to do which shows two humpback whales skimming the Western Australian south coast beyond the surf. They are healthy, happy and have clean clear safe passage to deep water.