Leanne White

Acrylic on Canvas

Awash' In the last light of day, can you hear the wind out at sea? Sink into the sand, see the sky? Feel the pulse of nature wild and free? I gave the paint a freedom of it’s own to create the energy, movement and power of the ocean by building multilayered impasto textures of deep tonal values, then lightening value and hue again and again and finally applying multiple glazes, enhancing the subtleties of each colour. My aim was to portray the action and movement in the foreground of the artwork, with the water moving right into the viewer’s perspective of where they are actually standing on the edge of the water, receding to the distant horizon, still with movement, and all catching the fading glow. I wanted the viewer to feel the touch of the soft grey light, an afternoon without a sunset, just a gentle closing of the day. This work was a considered statement of a common vista, calculated to provoke the viewer to reconsider their known visual memory.