Sara Storm - A Glance Into The Future

Lara Karpeljuk

Mixed Media

Sara Storm – A Glance Into The Future Sara Storm is a Busselton resident, who is well known in the South-West. She is a musician, singer, photographer, designer, artist, mum and friend to many. Her outlook on life is inspiring, never fatiguing, and full of color. I am grateful that Sara is happy to share her story on social media as I believe her creativity is an aspiration for many. It was a delight to paint Sara and it came very natural to me. I wanted to let the artwork tell her story. I chose the wood as a surface to enhance the gentleness of Sara. Mixed media was a must, as Sara is a chameleon of re-invention. Sara has the words “What is meant for you will not pass you by” tattooed on her arm, which defines her outlook on life. Sara’s creativity is inspiring. Her outgoing personality, her colorful appearance and her tireless positivity is refreshing.