Wanderings. Musings. Is That You

Karin Luciano

Gold, silver & copper leaf on canvas with wood, gold, silver & copper wire.

I started this piece on day one of Margaret River Open Studios as a demonstration work showing people the various ways in which to gild objects and paintings using gold leaf. I was in an outdoor courtyard and many days it was howling with wind and rain. Gold leaf is very difficult to work with when there is any breeze so this work ended up me utilising quick moves and placements with a spontaneous result. I completed all the smaller detail and fine lines of gold leaf afterwards in my studio. Living amongst the beauty of Margaret River for 30 years, I find there’s nothing more exciting than knowing I have days free to plunge into and explore creating new works. My paintings are a spontaneous layering of thoughts, mysterious macrocosms and expressions of cathartic experiences that need to be communicated through the intense inquiry of the brush. The artworks resonate with sacred geometry projecting transformative waves of gold luminosity. Creating layered stories of texture, throwing of salts, making of marks, laying of gold leaf, infusing hidden symbols and elemental surprises are components that the audience will discover.