Crockery III

Eric C


Crockery III fits into a larger body of work that concerns the notion of gender relating to the human body, and how the universality of nipples existence on every body doesn't reflect the selective ways in which they are perceived depending on what gender that body has been prescribed by the binary structure of "male" verses "female". While some body parts, fingers for example, exist on all people and their existence in public spaces is equally normal and acceptable; nipples hold an interesting place where their existence in public is acceptable and legal, if they exist only in the context of a "male" body. This is in complete opposite circumstance to nipples being obscene, open to public scrutiny and even an arrestable offence if nipples exist publicly on the context of the "female" body. On an inanimate object such as a ceramic vase, there is no context of gender to determine the validity of its presence in public; it lives in a limbo of potential obscenity, prompting criticisms of binaries, gender and body double standards.