New World Emerging (Post Covid 19)

Clare McCarthy

acrylics on linen

Renewed optimism for our planet, fresh Spring like energy, bursts out in greens and yellows as a new planet emerges. We move from dark to light, old to new in a burst of dynamic energy. My art is often a response to my local environment and current circumstances. The colours and organic quality of the brush work reflect this. As we enter a new era post Covid 19 we are starting to realise that in a sense the whole planet is “local”. We are all interconnected and need to see the whole planet as our home. I’m also interested in images of space exploration and how our perspective of earth continues to evolve as we explore the universe around us. This exploration helps us deepen our understanding and appreciation of nature here on earth. During 2020 there have been many examples of cooperation and connection between people. This optimistic painting looks forward to a time when we see the whole planet as our home and as such take care to protect it and each other.