BELL LL (Don't worry about it Dear)

Amanda Bell

Mixed media (Acrylic and objects on canvas)

Don't worry about it Dear The red mud and the floating hairless dark. The crawling things, the biting things, the rotting boots, the smell. Don't worry about it Clayt I can talk about the Lucky Strike, the Camel. Yanks had plenty of them- Maybe a little short on the common, but Good for a laugh and plenty of smoke, so that's Don't worry about it Mandy And the rain, the eternal bloody rain Wet pack, wet boots, everything fucking wet, wet, soul wet. If not for these eight fingers I would've been in El-Alamein Drier, at least. Though still red. And still senseless Don't worry about it Net Stupid, bloody stupid, futile, sick and full of horror. That's all I see, and hear each year. But others see it different, and good on them too. Just Bloody Stupid. To me. Don't Worry About It Dear,Clayt,Mandy,Net.