Artist in Residence

Our Artist in Residence program aims to provide creatives with a studio space to develop new work, to interact with the community and to provide the community with an opportunity to see artists at work.
In this instance a residency means the use of a studio space for the making of works, there are no accommodation facilities on site.
ArtGeo welcomes proposals for Stable 2 from interested artists wishing to develop their practice. Open to all mediums from musicians, writers, painters and whatever you are working on.
To apply, please contact the gallery HERE (contact form) with a description of your practice and 6-8 supporting photos and current CV to be considered.

Current Resident Artist: Gerald Ashcroft
""From a film lighting cameraman, painting with light to create depth on a film set, to composing and painting landscapes and abstracts with pigments. A natural transition in visual language.
Many years ago I experienced the stunning beauty of the Australian landscape for the first time. The intense light and vivid blue sky was a stark contrast to the drab English weather that I had grown up with. So began my journey to capture and interpret this challenging and ever changing landscape.
Painting ‘en plein air’ provides me with an immediate connection to my surroundings. I attempt to capture the atmosphere of each scene with spontaneity giving the painting an almost unfinished appearance. Whilst at the same time maintaining a fresh and vibrant approach to each study completed in one session
My success as a realist has challenged me to investigate the unrestricted possibilities of expression through my works into abstraction. My journey continues as I explore the deeper layers of my creativity.
The rich colours and textures of the rural landscape combined with the cooler tones of the coast contribute to the opening moves of a new abstract. With no subject in mind but rather a colour theme, my stage is set to explore and develop the layers of depth. Darks against lights warm against cool.
Loading my brush with acrylic paint I set up the darks to establish an immediate contrast to the white textured canvas. Rags, sponges, brushes and spray bottle each play a role in pushing and pulling colour and tone as organic shapes freeform and depth layers emerge. The challenge of the unknown from making those first marks on the canvas provides an exhilarating place to express and allow the storytelling to unfold. The journey continues!""

Past Resident Artists: ArtGeo has been host to a wide variety of artists ranging from glass worker, jewellers, painters, textile artists and digital photographers. Artists include: June Anderson, Diana Bonjolo, Jane Bowen-Sant, Betty Setzinger, Namaya Fox, Nalda Hoskins, Clare Kastelan, Matt Riley, Cerys Allerton, Lorraine Frost and more...